Ucigame - Reference for keyboard object

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The keyboard.key() method evaluates to one of the following values:

key on keyboard
keyboard.ENTER Enter
keyboard.A through keyboard.Z A through Z
keyboard.K1 through keyboard.K0 1 through 0
keyboard.F1 through keyboard.F12    F1 through F12
keyboard.LEFT left arrow
keyboard.RIGHT right arrow
keyboard.UP up arrow
keyboard.DOWN down arrow
keyboard.PAGE_UP Page Up
keyboard.PAGE_DOWN Page Down
keyboard.HOME Home
keyboard.END End
keyboard.INSERT Insert
keyboard.DELETE Delete
keyboard.PAUSE Pause
keyboard.NUMLOCK Num Lock
keyboard.DASH - (dash)
keyboard.EQUALS = (equals)
keyboard.BACKSPACE Backspace
keyboard.BACKQUOTE ` (back quote)
keyboard.TAB Tab
keyboard.OPENBRACKET [ (open bracket)
keyboard.CLOSEBRACKET ] (close bracket)
keyboard.BACKSLASH \ (backslash)
keyboard.CAPSLOCK Caps Lock
keyboard.SEMICOLON ; (semi colon)
keyboard.QUOTE ' (quote or apostrophe)
keyboard.SHIFT Shift
keyboard.COMMA , (comma)
keyboard.PERIOD . (period)
keyboard.SLASH / (slash)
keyboard.SPACE Space